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Terms &

1) Return/Refund/Exchange 

a) Hija reserves the right to refuse returns, refunds, and exchanges for reasons not limited to:

  • “I changed my mind” or “I realised I do not like the item/pattern” 

  • “I do not know how to wear the item” 

  • "The item does not fit me"

  • “I accidentally purchased the item/pattern” 

b) Strictly no returns, refunds, or exchanges. All sales are final and non-refundableIf you have any questions or concerns about the item/s, feel free to reach out via Instagram @craftyhija or email

c) Digital items such as Pattern PDFs are not eligible for any refunds at all.
d) Failure to pay customs in full within grace period are not eligible 
for any refunds at all.

2) Digital Patterns

a) All digital patterns are for personal use only.

b) You are allowed to sell the pieces you made using this pattern, but you are not allowed to share this pattern with anyone, neither for free nor for sale.

c) Do not undersell your creations.

d) Mass productions are not allowed.

e) Do not create a tutorial of any form based on this pattern in any way.

f) Do not create a video tutorial on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram story/post/reel, or any  platform based on this pattern.

g) Digital items such as Pattern PDFs are not eligible for any refunds at all. See T&C 1c

3) Custom Orders

a) Hija reserves the right to refuse services for reasons not limited to:

  • Design is too complicated / not within our capabilities.

  • Design is based off other artists' work/s without their approval of recreation.

  • Timeframe could not be met.

b) 50% deposit is required before the custom is started. The remaining 50% will be collected when the custom is finished, before the item is mailed.

c) Failure to pay in full within 1 month from the last invoice sent, custom will be forfeited. There will be no refunds at allSee T&C 1d

4) Shipping 
a) Hija is not liable for any lost or damaged mail. Please select tracked mailing if you wish to have a more secure shipping.
b) Listing price does not include shipping fee. As you check out your items, additional shipping costs depends on the country/region and whether it is Standard or Tracked m

c) Worldwide shipping is available but may be limited based on your country/region. In the event that your country/region is not listed among the options upon checkout, feel free to reach out to us via Instagram @craftyhija or email

d) No meetups at all.

5) Payment 

a) Hija accepts payments based on payment methods supported by Stripe or via PayNow/PayLah only.

b) Full payment must be done within 12 hours before item is mailed. 

c) If there is no payment within 12 hours, item will be marked available again without notice. 

d) No partial payments allowed unless stated otherwise (i.e. custom items See T&C 3b).

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